Waba Extras v1.30


This is a set of classes that implement some additional functionality to Waba, a small java like language for palm sized devices like the PalmPilot and WinCE. This package was originally called WabaAWT for when Waba had no UI components of it's own but many of the classes in the original package have now been replaced by standard Waba controls so are no longer needed. Those that are left have been converted to be standard subclasses of the Waba Control class.



You should find there are now 4 subdirectories: src, docs, classes, and apps.

Java Warp and Exegen

The java versions of warp and exegen can be run with java wababin. Warp and java wababin.Exegen and the parameters are the same as the standard versions but there are a few extra features. Warp will now look through the class files you add and find dependent classes and directly referenced ".bmp" files, which it looks for in the classpath and adds them to the warp file automatically. This means that instead of
  java wababin.Warp c MyApp MyApp.class extra/ui/*.class extra/io/*.class
you can just use
  java wababin.Warp c MyApp MyApp.class
and it will find all those dependent classes. Actually, since the main class has the same name as the warp file, you can leave that off too, which lets you just write
  java wababin.Warp c MyApp
Of course, if you were making a library you'd want to add everything so you do have to do it manually. Also, Warp will warn you if it finds any references to the java heirachy (eg. System.out.println()) which will cause problems on the WabaVM. Another addition is that you can specify a creatorID in Exegen. Details can be found by running either program with no parameters.


You are free to do whatever you want with these classes as long as you don't try to pass them off as your own. The source is included and I would appreciate it if you send me a copy of any bugfixes, improvements or additions you make to it so I can include it in this distribution. I'd also be interested to hear your thoughts on the package and of anything you create with it.
Rob Nielsen
rob at roblisa dot com
27th March 2000

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